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Blackjack broadcast to a mass TV viewing audience is an interesting proposition because blackjack is a game that requires that each player plays their hand exclusively and player decisions (hit, stand, double down, split etc) are required during the course of the deal.  It's not like roulette where players place their bets and a spin of the wheel decides everyone's fate.

So how does one presenter on television deal a hand that caters for hundreds of players?

The trick is the deal of 'community cards'.  After the player hand is dealt 2 cards and the dealer/presenter their up-card, all further cards required by players are dealt to the center of the table.  If you hit or double down, cards dealt to the center of the table are allocated to you accordingly.  If you stand and see more cards dealt to the middle to the table - don't worry these are for other players choosing to take additional cards and they will not be attributed to your hand.

This different method of dealing is a departure from the typical multi-seat blackjack table deal and takes some getting used to. The important thing to remember is that you DO PLAY YOUR HAND EXCLUSIVELY.  As per the Smart Live Casino house rules...

"Given that different people will play their hands in different ways, there will be times when you see a decision round occurring despite the fact that you have opted to stand, or cards still being dealt despite the fact that you have completed your hand and the dealer has more than 17. These decisions and cards will not affect the outcome of your hand."

The game
Six deck blackjack paying 3:2

Live Blackjack
Type: Blackjack pays 3:2, dealt from 6 deck shoe, dealer
Limits: 5 - 500
Show time: 16:00 05:00 (BST) daily
Channels: check schedule
Free play offered: YES

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smart live blackjack video

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