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Baccarat on TV

Baccarat, like roulette is a natural fit for TV gaming because it presents well as a 'one to many' game.  Players place their bets - in this case Player, Banker or Tie, and the dealer does the rest.

Baccarat offered at Smart Live Casino is known as Punto Banco (or mini) baccarat. It's a very simple game with three possible bets...

  • Player (Punto) -  pays 1:1

  • Banker (Banco) - pays 1:1 less 5% vigorish

  • Tie (Egalite) - pays 8:1

For the frugal players out there, note that the Banker bet is mathematically the best returning option.

Smart Live's TV baccarat is currently on a very limited broadcast schedule.

The game
Punto Banco (Mini) baccarat on TV

Live Baccarat
Type: Punto Banco (mini) baccarat
Limits: 5 - 500
Show time: 21:00 - 23:00 BST daily
Channels: check schedule
Free play offered: YES

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Video demo

smart live baccarat video

Smart Live

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